Project Leader: Rebecca Bolan '16
For years, the Elmira College Enactus Team has been working to bridge the gap between the Elmira College campus, and its surrounding community. In the past, the Team has provided interns to local businesses and economic development organizations focused on revitalization of Elmira’s Main Street. This year, our members created a new project that allows students to intern directly with a business in the heart of downtown. The First Arena, a large, multi-purpose facility that boasts two ice rinks and a restaurant, has served as the basis for many events meant to bring new people to the area and increase foot traffic for downtown businesses.
Our 11 interns have been working to create a long lasting internship program with First Arena that will run year round, allowing the business to benefit from top-tier students and for these students to gain valuable insight into the business world. Students have been working to promote the arena through social media, designing a new app, and creating a promotional schedule in order to attract the existing fans of the 5,000-seat arena as well as Elmira College students.
By promoting this internship to multiple business classes, the project hopes to engage incoming seniors in order to sustain the program and provide First Arena with seamless transitions between students. By capitalizing on student knowledge of social media, this project has addressed the needs of First Arena’s entire promotional campaign and led to lasting ties and collaboration between the school and community.

The First Arena Internship Project

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